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Sunfruit Natural Ingredient Ltd specializes in fruit juice concentrate, fruit puree and IQF fruits as a reliable BROKER from China. Our team get more fifteen years experience in exporting fruit juice concentrate, puree and frozen fruits. Thanks for our closed producers, our exporting record develop step by step and achieve exporting quantity more than 8,000mt per year, to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, India etc.

Chinese apple juice concentrate 70Bx, Cloudy apple juice concentrate 40Bx and frozen/aseptic strawberry puree, IQF raspberry (Heritage variety) are our key business. Besides these, other main fruit juice/puree are pear juice concentrate, de-ionized apple juice concentrate, apricot puree concentrate, tomato paste, IQF strawberry, blackberry, yellow peach, etc.

The quality is always the first. Sunfruit is serious care about Food Safety and keep it in our mind for every supplied foodstuff, which become more attention in the world. On basis our fifteen years experience, Sunfruit are serious to choose our close cooperation producers and establish reliable and long terms cooperation.
Our close cooperation producers pass third party audit, such as NFPA, BRC, FSC, with HACCP, ISO22000, KOSHER, Halal certificate. The quality meets AIJN code practice. We serve some famous juice beverage manufacture, yoghourt packer or importer in Australia, New Zealand and West Euro market with the stable base. Most of our close cooperation producers in apple juice, strawberry puree and frozen fruits as approved producer by Danone, Unilever, Nestle, Coca Cola, Pesi Cola, Kraft Inc.

Sunfruit as a reliable and professional BROKER, we pay more attention to the frank communication about marketing with customer and focus on customer demand. Depending on the knowledge in market and professional service, Sunfruit are active work in the market and provide the safe, high quality fruit juice and puree, frozen fruits. It is sincerely to establish close cooperation with our customer for long terms on basis of sincere and trust. You win, and we win.

Our faith: to be sincere, trustful and get win-win for both.
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